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by sandey grinn


Picklehaus, a musical:   A group of singers and their new piano player perform at the truly posh Picklehaus Hotel. Even though the group specializes in love songs, off stage they seem to have no clue as to what any of those words they sing mean. That proves especially painful for the pianist who falls in love with the beautiful and mostly lovable soprano, especially when her European boyfriend comes to the see the show. An autobiographical piece that my father originally said should be called “Schmuck!” and at the time he was right. Many drafts later the piece is now ready for workshop and eventual performance.


Shrew!: Taming of the Shrew meets Italian Comedia in one lazzi filled act. From the moment Kate and Petruchio meet, their “love” brings out the Bard’s speech them, making their words as difficult to understand to the rest of the cast as their behavior is to us. Played to full and happy “houses” for over five years at both

Northern and Southern Renaissance Faires.


The Ceramic Cow, by Maryland Brown:  A scene by scene parody of The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams. Performed with great success at the North Hollywood Arts Festival.

Couples, a comedy:  Nine two-person plays, eighteen characters all performed by a six actor cast. Enjoyed an extended run to full houses at Theatre Geo, Hollywood, CA.


Amen!:  God’s in the sound booth, calling the light cues (‘let there be light”) but on this production of the Bible, even before page two, all the women threaten to quit the “show”, unless they are allowed to tell their own stories in their own way. He agrees and just when he thinks it can’t get any worse for the Judeo-Christian Patriarchy, God’s own mom shows up to help out. Received mainly rave reviews in two different successful runs, in Hollywood, CA.


Foretold:  One story told in four different styles, Messerling, Mamet, Shakespeare and finally as a musical. Not surprisingly, by the third go round, the women are getting suspicious. Ready for workshop and eventual performance.

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