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2 Emmy nominations

for outstanding Individual performance

in a variety or music program 

  Eye Color: Blue    |   Hair Color: Red


Kung Fu, The Legend Continues  |  TJ Kincaid -recurring  | Warner Bros

​Babylon 5  |   Various recurring  |  Warner Bros

​Zoobilee Zoo |  Bill der Beaver -regular |  Hallmark Properties

Sister Sister |  Shopping guy -recurring | Paramount Network TV

Alfred Hitchcock Presents |  Dr. Clifford - costar | Michael Sloan Productions

BJ and the Bear | Carrot (guest star) |  Glen Larson Universal


Dockside Music Hall  |  The Chairman  |  Red Barn Prod -SF

​Oliver Twist  |  Fagin  |  2023  |  Red Barn Prod -SF

​Shrew!  | Petruchio  |   As You Like It Productions

Couples, a comedy | 5 Roles | The Hub, Theatre Geo

A Broadway Baby | Max Sheckel | Goodspeed Opera House

The Pleasures of Hyde Park | Cock and Feathers | Mayfair Music Hall- SM


Sabrina, The Teenage Witch   |  Salem-Pilot & Ep. 1 | Paula Hart ABC -TV 

​DC Follies | Various |  Regular | Sid & Marty Krofft -TV

The Shining -Miniseries | Lead Topiary | lakeside Productions-TV

Lost On Earth | Bram -regular |  Quincy jones Productions- TV

Childs Play 2 & 3 | Chucky Crew |  David Kirschner -film

Beetlejuice | Various | Geffen Films Co -film


Jack In The Box   |  Jack's Dad (4 spots) | Dick Sittig - Dir.

​Doritos Super Bowl Spot | Helpful beavers | Joe Pytka -Dir


MC/Pianist |  World Famous Comedy Store | Hollywood, CA

MC/ Host of ComedyNight | At My Place | Santa Monica, CA

​Cock and Feathers  | Comedy Group (40 + yrs )| Clubs, Theatre's, Fairs


Acting /Cold Reading: RoseJane Landau, Geo Hartley

Meisner Method:  Maria Gobetti

Comedy Improv : Louis Arquette, Avery Schrieber (the second city)

                              Diane Rachel, Zoe Galvez (bay area theatre sports)

Piano: Shirley Laden (classical)

            Don Laden (Improv)

Puppeteering: Van Snowden

Mime:  Billy Scudder, Antonin Hodek


Acting and Coaching (stage, screen)

Improv (comedy and drama)

Piano (classical, show, etc.)

Movement (dance, stage combat, commedia) 

Circus (juggling, fire eating, slack rope, bed of nails) 

Writing and Directing

Plays well with others 

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